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How to remove 1-855-309-0298 Popup Alert

There are many types threats available for the computer and some threats are not so dangerous but act like a so dangerous. Suppose, you may get pop up warning message suddenly from your computer with the phone number 1-855-309-0298. This pop up alert is a false pop up alert. In the message, you will see that your computer is in trouble and all of the browsers are hijacked and settings changed. If you want to solve the problem, then you should call the phone number and when you call to the number the receiver will ask a certain amount of money from you to a bitcoin account. This warning message comes from a malware infection and you need to solve the problem.
How to remove 1-855-309-0298 Popup Alert. You need to remove the malware what is the main cause of the infection and showing the wrong error message. You need to remove the related applications and files of the malware. The files of the malware may remain hidden; you need to find out those and delete. Now use and use a malware removal application and scan the whole computer. If the malware removal program finds any problem, then remove the program.

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